101 Reasons Why Creativity Should Be Encouraged in Homeschool

I believe this passionately: that we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it. Or rather, we get educated out if it.


Ken Robinson

We love to say that we value creativity, but we need to ask ourselves if that is true? The increase in standardized testing has been exponential.

I only remember two standardized tests from my years in school, though there were probably a few more. However, today some students will take over 60 standardized tests in their years attending school. That doesn’t leave much time for creativity.

Fortunately, homeschoolers have the time to encourage creativity and include it in their daily lives.

101 Reasons to Encourage Creativity

  1. Every child is a unique individual with their own learning styles, passions, and talents
  2. Creativity is intelligence having fun
  3. Creativity encourages problem-solving
  4. Creativity teaches that you shouldn’t just reiterate a solution, you should come up with your own
  5. Creativity is an important part of the learning process
  6. Creativity is an essential 21st-century job skill
  7. Creativity teaches us to step outside of our comfort zones
  8. Creativity helps us think outside the box
  9. Creativity allows us to be unstructured
  10. You can be creative in both thinking AND acting
  11. Creativity doesn’t always have to make sense at first, because it is a process, and our ideas can change through the process
  12. Being creative can be difficult for some people, but it teaches us to stretch our minds
  13. Creativity is a very freeing feeling
  14. Creativity gives us a break from the regular curriculum
  15. Creativity may help us have a breakthrough on a project
    101 Reasons Why Creativity Should Be Encouraged in Homeschool
  16. Creativity can earn us money
  17. Creativity teaches us to innovate
  18. Creativity is an outlet when we’ve had a frustrating day
  19. Creativity allows us to hone our natural talents
  20. Creativity is a break from the monotonous
  21. Working with others can require the ability to think and act creatively
  22. Creativity is something we don’t necessarily have to *teach*, we can *model* it for our kids
  23. Teaching divergent thinking is an important creative skill
  24. Brainstorming is a creative skill that can be used in all areas of life, as a kid and as a adult
  25. Once a child learns the basic foundations of creative thinking, he or she will have that ability the rest of their life
  26. When we are creating, our confidence level can go up
  27. In the creative process, it is ok to collaborate and build off others’ ideas, as long as you are ethical
  28. Creativity helps us find our passions
  29. Unlike test scores, creativity is fluid and cannot be judged
  30. It is important to teach kids that they need to learn how to find answers on their own
    Homeschool strewing
  31. Most schools try to put a grade on everything. The real world is not like this.
  32. Learning to be adaptable to anything life throws at us is an important part of growing up
  33. Engaging with our work is more important than just getting it done for a grade
  34. When parents are creative, kids are usually happier and feel eager and more willing to participate in daily school activities and subjects
  35. When you allow your kids to be creative with assignments, they will take more ownership over their work
  36. With creativity, we can embrace geekiness
  37. Shutting down a child’s creativity is equivalent to shutting down their curiosity, and that can completely kill their love of learning
  38. Creativity is more than doing, it also means expanding on what you are doing with more ideas
  39. When you allow your kids to be creative with assignments, it gives them more incentive to work harder
    Creativity takes courage - Henri Matisse

  40. Life can be messy and to instill the importance of creativity teaches kids that it is ok for life to be messy at times
  41. Creative teaching can encourage our kids to dive into projects with fervor
  42. Long-term projects give our kids more opportunities to be creative since ideas have plenty of time to develop and nothing feels rushed
  43. Creativity teaches us to think about our failures, not as an end, but as a possibility to try again
  44. Creativity helps us challenge our assumptions and viewpoints
  45. Coming up with a new idea or a new way of completing a project is a very rewarding learning experience
  46. The creative thinking process shows us that big ideas rarely emerge immediately, but develop throughout a process
  47. Venturing into “rabbit holes” is often the favorite part of homeschooling for many students
  48. When creativity is important in our homeschool, we can incorporate Genius Hour  
  49. We are rewarded, as parents, by seeing the creativity our kids are capable of. This can inspire us to keep homeschooling
  50. Seeing our kids’ creativity can inspire us to try being more creative in our own lives
  51. Learning how to think creatively can help us “MacGyver” our way out of situations
  52. Resourcefulness often comes from the ability to know how to think creatively
  53. Universities are now holding classes that teach creativity because companies are demanding it
  54. Colleges are looking for more than just academics, they are looking for creative thinking and projects completed by the applicant
  55. Being able to think creatively will give your child a jump on his or her competition for their chosen career
  56. Feeling comfortable showing your creativity shows others that you are a unique, open-minded person
  57. Teaching our kids both divergent and convergent thinking is very important
  58. Creative thinking can open our kids up to respecting other cultures
  59. Creativity is an important aspect of great leadership
  60. Creative thinking can open our kids up to respecting another perspective
  61. Without creativity, the world would be stale, with no fresh ideas or inventions
  62. Creative assignments can help keep an advanced or gifted learner interested in their school subjects
  63. Creativity can help kids see connections between concepts, people, places or things that may not seem connected at first
  64. Creativity can turn the ordinary in the extraordinary
  65. Creative people can turn doors into windows
  66. The results of creativity can change the world
  67. Creative people learn how to improvise
  68. Creative people know how to make something great out of a few materials
  69. Creativity is an amazing form of self-expression
    Everybody is talented
  70. Creative projects can be used in a way that allows us to get to know our children’s’ innermost thoughts
  71. Creative projects can help us express emotions
  72. Creativity encourages kids to take a project and make it their own
  73. Creativity experiences can help a person deal with all types of emotional turmoil
  74. Viewing your child’s creative expressions can give us an insight into their hopes and dreams
  75. Because no two people should be expected to be the same, creativity should be celebrated.
  76. You can embrace hands-on learning over worksheet learning because it inspires kids to think outside the box
  77. Creative teaching means you can use manipulatives to teach math instead of stale, boring worksheets
  78. Creative teaching allows fidgety kids move while they are learning
  79. Music education can be fun when you let your kids use boom whackers to learn musical scales and tones
  80. Creative teaching embraces a child’s passions and helps them to hone skills and talents.
  81. “Creativity takes courage. ” ― Henri Matisse
  82. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ― Pablo Picasso
  83. Allowing a child to embrace their creativity helps them to shed self-doubt.
  84. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou
  85. “Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.”
    ― Brenda Ueland
  86. The creative process involves identifying a problem, exploring multiple solutions, and accepting that failures are part of the process that leads us to the best possible solution
  87. Allowing children to explore their own creativity means that you can accept that they have something of value to contribute to the world
  88. Notebooking is a great way to let a child document their own learning in their own way
  89. Sketching & Journaling offers creative individuals freedom to explore their thoughts and ideas without any preconceptions standing in their way
  90. Let children explore creativity in a social way through dance, theater, music and other artistic pursuits
  91. Use of artistic tools such as paint brushes, pastels, markers, scissors and other items helps young children to develop fine motor skills
  92. When children are given the freedom to express themselves vocally they’ll develop the language skills needed to speak their own minds
  93. Exploration of nature is a great way to promote creativity
  94. Through experimentation, children can learn by trial and error that one approach may not always work but they need to think creatively to find an approach that will work
  95. Seeing your child develop their own logic and reasoning skills through trial and error is thrilling to watch for a parent
  96. When homeschooling creatively you can recognize that sometimes the brain just needs a break and you can be confident in allowing play time to act as a way to reenergize the thought processes
  97. Homeschool moms can use the strewing method to inspire children while still allowing them to discover their own educational interests
  98. Give them the gift of boredom which will allow them time to wonder and ask questions about the world
  99. Creative teaching means knowing that education can be fun with an agenda
  100. Every day there is something new to learn or experience! You can be the interesting parent who guides your children toward learning something new every single day
  101. Creativity allows children the opportunity to explore a variety of worldviews while still developing their own view and beliefs about the world

Homeschooling is Living Creatively

There are so many reaons why you should encourage creativity in you homeschool, but the decision to homeschool is itself an act of creative thinking. Not everyone can see the beauty of this unusual lifestyle, nor embrace the daily exercise in creativity that it requires.

Don’t think you’re not creative or that it will be difficult to encourage. You do it every day you get up and choose to homeschool you children. 
Homeschool strewing

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101 Reasons Why Creativity Should Be Encouraged in Homeschool

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