5 Days to Transform Your Homeschool Through Strewing

Don’t we all wish for a little transformation at times? Whether for ourselves, family, or homeschool, change can be good.

If you’re looking to reignite a love of learning for your children, and even yourself, I’ve put together this five-day series on strewing in your homeschool to help you reconnect with curiosity.

Transform Your Homeschool Through Strewing

Day 1

Homeschool Strewing: an Atmosphere of Curiosity and Exploration

Day 2

When and Where to Strew in Your Relaxed Homeschool

Day 3

3 Reasons Homeschool Strewing is Rejected and How to Overcome Them

Day 4

The Benefits of Strewing on Your Homeschool Atmosphere

Day 5

5 Easy Steps for Successful Strewing in Your Homeschool


Homeschool Strewing

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About Bethany Ishee

Bethany is the mom of six always homeschooled children who one day realized she'd lost herself in the process, probably under a pile of laundry. Her eclectic style of homeschooling draws upon Classical to Unschooling and everything in between.  While homeschooling her children and writing about learning outside of school, she tries to find time to read a book, drink coffee, and pay the bills.

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