First Friday Free-for-All April 2017 Edition

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April is already here and March flew by in a whirlwind. I think that was the fastest March of my life. Usually, March is a month that seems to drag on forever, but this one was gone in a blink.

Death Comes for the Archbishop

This month I read Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather. This was my first Cather novel to complete and I really loved it. I love New Mexico and the west, so this made it all the more enjoyable.

We took a summer vacation to Taos about 5 years ago and visited many of the places she describes in the novel. I wish I had read this right before that trip.

I’ve done a little digging to perhaps find out how she researched for this book, but haven’t found much. I was fascinated that a Baptist turned Episcopal woman living in New York wrote so eloquently and knowledgeably about the southwest and Catholicism.

Wendell Berry

I attempted to read a collection of Wendell Berry essays this month but had to lay them aside when I realized they were depressing me.  Really, it makes you want to live off-the-grid on a hundred acres somewhere.

I’m going to try to continue with the book in smaller,  digestible amounts. He is brilliant and has a unique perspective on issues that I appreciate, but I need to pace myself for my sanity.


I’ ve done five straight days of Yoga with Adrienne!

I’ve lost the weight but now I need to build some muscle and work on my balance. I thought of continuing my YMCA membership, but getting there is a hassle and the little guy won’t go the nursery, so really I just need to stick close to home.

Her videos are wonderful and I love taking 30 minutes wherever I can find them. I also made her Yogi tea recipe and it is so good. Even my husband liked the tea.

Deschooling Society

Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich is a book  I’ve wanted to read for years and just haven’t. After talking with a friend and reading a little bit about Illich, I decided now is the time. He sounds fascinating and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

Upcoming Posts

I have two posts in the works that I hope to have up soon.

The first is just to show how we do an unschooly rabbit trail with a read aloud. No unit study or lapbook, just curiosity when it strikes.

The other is going to be about parental deschooling. So many people address deschooling for children who leave public school to homeschool, but my children have never gone to school. I went for 18 plus years and that’s a whole lot of school baggage to work through.

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