Masterpiece Society Studio-The Best Homeschool Art Instruction

(This post contains affiliate links, and I was given access to an annual membership at no cost for my honest review. But let’s get real, I love Alisha’s work. Here’s my full disclosure policy.)

When I found Alisha Gratehouse’s mixed media art courses a few years ago, I was beyond excited. I’ve never been a fan of construction paper kid art and wanted my girls to create things they would appreciate for years to come, while also learning how to use different mediums.

I’ve recommended her art course again and again, but now it’s gotten even better. Alisha just introduced her Masterpiece Society Studio which is a yearly membership site that gives you access to all of her art courses for children and so much more.

Masterpiece Society Studio

What’s included in the Masterpiece Society Studio Membership?

First, all her current mixed media courses:

  • Celebrate Summer
  • Springtime Splendor
  • Valentine’s Day
  • The Art of Fall
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Mixing the Master’s Volume 1
  • Mixing the Master’s Volume 2
  • Playful Pet Portraits

These can all be purchased separately, but are included in your annual membership.

Additionally, there are a growing number of member exclusives:

  • Step-by-step drawing lessons for the early elementary kids.
  • Special coloring sheets for the little ones.
  • Each season there will be a new project not included in the mixed media courses.
  • Each month there will be a Create & Connect lesson just for moms.
  • Access to every new art course Alisha creates.

But what I’m so excited about is her Art School 101, which will be four courses in the fundamentals of art.

  • Drawing 101
  • Watercolors 101
  • Acrylics (& Oils) 101
  • Pastels 101

But Alisha has even more courses planned for the coming year such as Nature Art, Art & Literature, and Art Journaling.

Masterpiece Society Studio

What does a Masterpiece Society Studio Membership Cost?

Alisha is offering an introductory price of $150 per year (or $15 a month), but this will only be available for a limited time.

And if you purchase a yearly membership, you will be locked in at that rate forever. No increase ever, even as new courses are added.

You can join at the monthly membership rate of $15, but that introductory price will increase.

Why Should I Join Masterpiece Society Studio?

Alisha’s Mixed Media courses are one of our favorite homeschool resources. Everyone enjoys trying different materials and creating their original works of art.

Just purchasing the two Mixing the Master’s courses would be $154, yet a yearly membership to Masterpiece Society Studio gives you the best homeschool art instruction,  every mixed media course, member exclusives, and all upcoming classes.

Note: You are a Masterpiece course is not included in this membership, as it was created for women. Also, the Masterpiece Art Appreciation is not included, but you do receive a 20% discount as an annual member.

Where do I Join Masterpiece Society Studio?

Alisha has created a beautiful page to give you all the details, so get over there and check it out.


Masterpiece Society Studio


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Masterpiece Society Studio

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