Just Say No to the High Cost of College: Study.com CLEP Test Prep Review

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One of my biggest fears as a parent is having my children saddled with an enormous amount of college debt. The purpose of higher education is to increase your options and choices in life, but a monthly payment can severely restrict your ability to do what you desire.

When I was given the opportunity to review Study.com’s CLEP test prep product, I knew this was the perfect time to begin investigating CLEP exams as a tool for my children to save time and money while pursuing a college degree.

Study.com's CLEP Test Prep Product

What is a CLEP Exam?

CLEP stands for the College Level Examination Program administered by the College Board. There are currently 33 exams offered which allow students the opportunity to demonstrate subject matter expertise and earn college credit.

When you consider the cost of a CLEP  exam is $85 and saves you from sitting in the classroom for an entire semester per class, you can see why this is an option worth exploring.

Our local state university tuition is $543 for a three-hour class, which in today’s world is quite reasonable. However, the fees for that three-hour class would total $853, making the cost of one course almost $1,400.

Completing just 12  credit hours through CLEP exams would save over $2,800 in tuition and fees, not including the cost of books, transportation, and other living expenses.

And this is at an affordable public university within commuting distance.

You can find the answer to almost any question you have about CLEP exams on Study.com’s CLEP resource page, such as:

  • CLEP Exam List and Credits Offered
  • Exam Costs and Registration Deadlines
  • Information on CLEP Exam Dates and Testing Locations
  • How to Request a CLEP Transcript
  • How to Transfer CLEP Exam Credits

However, not all institutions accept CLEP exams for credit, so first check with your intended college.

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How We Decided Which CLEP Exam to Attempt

When I first considered CLEP exams as a possibility for my children, I presumed we would order a study guide or check one out from the library.

However, you are never sure how well they are retaining the information or if it’s even something they need to study. But Study.com’s CLEP test prep product helps in all those areas.

Our first step was determining which exam she would prepare to take. First, my daughter and I sat down and discussed what exam she wanted to complete by looking through Study.com’s CLEP courses.

We felt a topic she was somewhat comfortable with would be a reasonable place to begin and decided to choose between History of the US 1 or Psychology.

Since she is considering pursuing a degree in Psychology, we decided to wait as that may be a course she would prefer to take at college.

So we settled on History of the US 1.

Next, she completed the  Study.com’s CLEP practice test for History of the US 1 to get an idea of what she already knew and what areas required further study.

But after further discussion, we decided it would probably be best to complete the entire course so she would be as prepared as possible to pass the exam.


Study.com CLEP American History

Using Study.com’s CLEP Study Guides and Test Prep

Study.com CLEP study guides are specifically designed to help you master the required material to pass a CLEP exam. They present the material in several ways to best suit the learner’s needs and aptitudes.

Study.com’s features include:

  • Short, engaging videos
  • Text transcript of the video for later reference
  • Quizzes to help you determine how well you’re are retaining the information
  • Practice Tests
  • Personalized study plans

My daughter has found the quizzes to be extremely beneficial. When she has struggled with a section, she watches the video again and then attempts the questions once more. She also likes the immediate feedback the quiz provides.

As the mom, I appreciate being able to in see in the dashboard how much of the course she has completed and how she is doing on the quizzes.

Study.com CLEP Student

Who Can Benefit From CLEP Test Prep?

Anyone who is looking to maximize their college degree options while decreasing cost can benefit from CLEP exams and Study.com’s CLEP test prep.

Passing a CLEP exam yields 3 or more credit hours transferable to over 2,900 colleges and universities, including the one less than 10 miles from my home.

I know this comes from being an overly practical mom with a finance degree, but I see college as a puzzle we will attempt to assemble for as little debt as possible.

Study.com’s CLEP test product and CLEP exams will play a role in fitting those pieces together.

Want to Give Study.com a Try?

If you need more convincing that CLEP preparation and exams could be a valuable tool for your child,  Study.com offers a five-day free trial, just cancel before the trial period ends.

If you think CLEP could play a role in piecing together your child’s college puzzle, Study.com’s CLEP test prep product is 20% off for your first three months with coupon code HOMESCHOOLFORCLEP.

This coupon is only valid for new members through May 31, 2018. To redeem, click the “Have a Coupon Code?” link on the last page of the registration process and input the coupon code.

Study.com Scholarship Opportunity

Study.com is also offering a scholarship opportunity to those who intend to take a CLEP exam before April 1, 2019. But the deadline to apply is April 1, 2018, so don’t delay.

Enter the Study.com Giveaway

Don’t pass this up; five lucky winners will receive a 6-month subscription to Study.com’s CLEP test prep product. Each subscription is valued at $359.94 and will go a long way in preparing for CLEP exams.
This post was sponsored by Study.com, you can read my disclosure policy here.

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  1. It’s great to see there are more and more options available now where college credit is concerned. Some of my friends who send their children to public school have listed AP credit as one of the reasons they don’t want to homeschool, so I’ll be glad to tell them about this!

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