How to Save Money by Earning College Credit Online with Ed4Credit

Have you ever thought about your child earning college credit online while still in high school? Does the option of earning college credit online and saving on expenses sound like a good idea? If you’re frugal like me, of course it does!

I’m not one to pull out my soapbox very often as I tend to have a live and let live philosophy on life, but I do have one that I pull out only for two topics: homeschooling and student loan debt.

In 2017, the average student loan debt for the class of 2017 was $39,400. As a mom of six children with a finance degree, this is a constant concern of mine. The last thing I want is for my children to begin their adult life weighed down by debt and a monthly payment.

My desire to make a college degree accessible for my children without them, or our family, going into debt has made me very open to alternative college credit opportunities. My oldest is currently taking dual enrollment courses and has passed a CLEP exam, so by the end of this year, she should have 9  credit hours. So of course, I was interested in learning more about earning college credit online through Ed4Credit.

How to Save Money by Earning College Credit Online with Ed4Credit

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Earning College Credit Online

Not that long ago earning college credit anywhere other than a classroom was a difficult proposition. However, advances in technology have made the alternative of earning college credit online an affordable, convenient option.

Most universities now offer their own online classes, but rarely at a discounted tuition price. They also follow the academic year of the school, which doesn’t always provide the flexibility a student may require.

Flexibility and affordability are what makes Ed4Credit an option worth investigating for your homeschool child.

Ed4Credit Offers Transferable College Credits

Obviously, your first question is “will these credits transfer”? That’s what we all want to know because the big benefit is the opportunity to transfer these credits to a degree-granting institution.

Ed4Credit is approved by the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Credit Recommendation Service. This means that once you complete your courses, you simply create an ACE account and have a transcript sent to the educational institution of your choosing.

Over 2,000 colleges are listed on the ACE website as accepting credit, but many more will allow ACE credit transfers. If you don’t see your preferred college listed, contact them and ask to speak to a guidance counselor. They may accept the credit and you’ll be money ahead.

How to Save Money by Earning College Credit Online with Ed4Credit

Ed4Credit Offers Affordable College Courses

Affordable and college are words rarely found in the same sentence, but Ed4Credit makes that a reasonable statement.

Ed4Credit courses cost just $195, so for a three-hour credit course, the cost is only $65 per credit hour. Even my local community college costs $89 per hour with an additional $340 in mandatory fees per semester.

So even when comparing Ed4Credit with my most affordable local option, it still saves over $400 when taking one class. But taking college courses online through Ed4Credit saves you money in so many ways:

  • Texts are part of the course, not an additional expense.
  • No fees! This is the college expenses that can break the bank.
  • No commuting or additional living expenses to include.
  • Fewer lunches at Chipotle and late-night Starbucks runs.

10 Tips for College Savings

Ed4Credit Offers Self-Paced College Courses

Earning college credit online through Ed4Credit offers tremendous scheduling flexibility. Your child can access and complete the course 24 hours a day.

Other commitments such as jobs and activities often keep teenagers busy. Having an online, self-paced college course can allow them the flexibility they need in their schedule.

The big caveat here is that you have 120 days, or 4 months, to complete the course. So don’t jump in if you’re uncertain you can complete it in that amount of time.

How the Courses are Set Up

Once enrolled inEd4Credit, your student will have access to their dashboard where their courses can be found. They simply click on the course they wish to enter.

The course page gives a description of the course and a list of learning outcomes. Below this introduction, you will find the course syllabus, frequently asked questions, access the eTextbook table of contents, and links to set up your ACE and Quizlet accounts.

The course contains modules for topics within each class. The sociology course I viewed had 15 modules, the last being the final exam. *Note: final exams are proctored online through ProctorU and must be scheduled in advance.

The modules contain many options for a student to use while learning the required information for the course. It begins with a title and outlines what will be covered in the module. It also provides directions for the student to follow so they will learn the required information for the module exam.

Within the modules, you will find links to the appropriate eTextbook chapters, PowerPoint slides to view, Quizlet activities to practice and review the information, and external video and text sources to help further a students comprehension of the subject matter. The module concludes with an exam.

The modules are well laid out and thorough, providing a student with all the resources needed to complete them successfully.

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Consider the Option of Ed4Credit

Homeschool parents tend to be a pragmatic and informed group of people. We don’t just sit back waiting for our children to graduate and accept whatever a college tells us our final bill will be.

We look for options, plan ahead, and make the best use of our available resources. Certainly, earning college credit online through Ed4Credit is an option worth considering when helping our children plan their path through higher education.

If you would like to give it a try, they are offering a 20% off coupon code for the month of October, just enter Homeschool18 at checkout. You can also download their free ebook 5 Ways to Get Alternative College Credits.

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  1. I live in CA and once my daughter hits her junior year in high school she can enroll as a duel enrollment at a Community College. Students have to have a 2.0 or better.
    SBCCD will wave the $46 per unit charge for concurrently enrolled high school student who are residents in CA. High School student fees :
    Health & accident $19
    Student Rep$1
    Student Center (Max $10) $1 Per unit
    Transportation $8

    Something you might want to ask your child’s high school. Hopefully, I was able to help anyone.

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