6 Reasons CTCMath is a Simple Homeschool Math Solution

As homeschool moms, we’re often juggling many balls. Laundry, meals, reading, math, and more can easily fill our days, and the more difficult the task, the sooner it is pushed aside. And teaching five different levels of math while supervising a toddler is not my idea of a good time.

Over my many years of homeschooling, I’ve heard and used many different math curricula. CTCMath is one I have heard spoken of positively many times, but only recently decided to try it in our homeschool.

My goal was to easily have the children moving forward in their math skills, without me having to transition daily between four different grade levels and math concepts.

How could CTCMath help streamline my homeschooling?

Six Reasons CTCMath is a Simple Homeschool Math Solution

This is a review post and I was given the product at no cost to me. I was compensated for my time in doing this review but was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are my own. If desired, you can read my entire disclosure policy.

1 | CTCMath is Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of CTCMath for a large family is its affordability.  For less than $119 you can have 18 months access to their online math curriculum for your entire family.

When you purchase a 12-month homeschool family membership, you receive a bonus 6 months free!

Yes, that sound impossible, but for my four children that use CTCMath, it costs less than $2 per month per child. Considering many other math curriculums cost over $100 for a one-year program, CTCMath is an obvious budget saver. And who wouldn’t rather spend their money on field trips than math?

2 | CTCMath is Self-Paced

CTCMath is organized by grade level from Kindergarten to Trigonometry, but grade level doesn’t pigeonhole your child to a particular set of skills and problems.

No matter your child’s grade, age, or mathematical aptitude, they can work right where they are. Each level is divided into what I would call chapters and then each chapter is further divided into sections.

For example: 4th Grade > Numbers, Patterns, and Algebra > Multiplication

Within each section (i.e. Multiplication) you can choose to take a pretest if you wish and see where your child needs help, or you can simply proceed through the lessons in the order they are given.

Math: Often the Last Subject to be Deschooled in the Homeschool

3 | Complete Math Work Independently

Honestly, we’re still working on this one, but I do see hope by using CTCMath. The video lesson allows them to watch and learn the math concept while I’m helping another child or occupied somewhere else.

The video lesson helps me because I sometimes have a difficult time placing myself in the child’s shoes of not knowing how to work a problem. Therefore, my explanation is not always the greatest. However, with the video lesson and my attempts to explain, we can usually make sense of a concept.

The parent can also set the passing score and it will prompt the child to repeat a lesson if they aren’t quite getting it yet. This can be helpful because it removes mom from being the one to tell them they need to work it again. We all know how fun that can be!

CTCMath Simple Homeschool Solution

4 | Math Curriculum That is Not Overwhelming

Have you seen the fear and dread that can overcome a child when faced with a worksheet of 30 or more math problems? They’re defeated before they even begin and I don’t believe math is an emergency. We can learn math without being overwhelmed.

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest benefits of CTCMath, it isn’t overwhelming.

The kids watch the video, which is often short and to the point. They then work through the practice problems and only see one at a time. This is perfect for the child that panics when they see all the work ahead of them.

And even better, you don’t have to finish every question in one sitting.

When one daughter was having to subtract 4 and 5 digit numbers with borrowing, we would sometimes take a break and return to the questions later. It will pick up where you left off without losing the completed work.

I would rather we work fewer problems, but have my child gain understanding and confidence in working with numbers. My primary goal is to hopefully not have children that hate math, and being realistic with my expectations can help.

5 | Includes Access to All CTCMath Levels for Your Entire Family

As I mentioned before, a family membership includes access to all levels from Kindergarten to Trigonometry for your entire family.

The benefit is that we’re not always the best at deciding where a child should be. You pick 1st grade for your 6-year-old, but it turns out to be too easy. With CTCMath, you can simply move her ahead to a level that works for her.

On the other hand, you realize a child doesn’t have their multiplication facts down, you can find those sections and have them work through them a few more times.

The great thing is you don’t have to make a choice and then spend a lot of money on a curriculum, to only realize it’s not quite right. With CTCMath, you choose a level to place a child, but if it doesn’t seem like a good fit, you simply change their placement. Easy.

CTCMath Simple Homeschool Solution

6 | CTCMath Offers a Free Trial

Don’t we all love a free trial?

There have been too many things I thought my children would love, yet they ended up being a flop. It would have been nice to try them out before making the investment.

CTCMath offers a free trial so you can see whether it’s a good fit for your family before committing to another curriculum purchase.

How is CTCMath a Simple Solution for a Large Family?

So how can CTCMath simplify math instruction in your homeschool? Several ways:

  1. It offers a homeschool family membership which includes all your children.
  2. Self-paced lessons support your child at their current level of ability.
  3. Instructional videos to explain a concept that doesn’t require moms input, and they can watch it as many times as they need.
  4. Every child can use the program since it includes all levels from Kindergarten to higher level math.
  5. Your children won’t be overwhelmed by the number of problems and math won’t take half of your day.
  6. Free trial!

In a large family, math can too often creep to encompass most of the mom’s day, shouldn’t we look for ways to make it easier on us and provide our children with opportunities to work independently?

If you’re a homeschool mom who just can’t stand the thought of grading another math worksheet, give CTCMath a try. It can be hard to relinquish control of our homeschools, but sometimes it can benefit everyone.

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