Fearless Homeschooling-Learning Outside the Lines

Are you filled with homeschool fear? We all are when we first embark on the unusual path of homeschooling. But do you realize how fearless you are? How much courage you have?

Society often portrays homeschoolers as naive, fearful families who wish to insulate their children from the “real world.” However, homeschooling families are some of the most courageous people I know.

Fearless Homeschooling Learning Outside the Lines

Releasing Homeschool Fear

We’ve taken the fearless path of stepping outside one of the most unquestioned institutions in our society. School is believed to be indisputably necessary.  Education and school are seen as synonymous and that learning is dependent upon being taught.

I still say the only education worth anything is self education.

Robert Frost

To act in a way counter to this unquestionable belief renders you suspect. You become that “weird” family in the neighborhood that homeschools. Your children become fodder for anyone’s pop quizzes. Store clerks question you on why your children are out of school. How dare children be seen in public?

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Courage in the Face of Fear

Perhaps it isn’t fearlessness, but incredible courage. We step out to homeschool in spite of our fear, a fear that pops up continually and at the most curious of times. We continue even in the face of criticism, laws, and expense. Many people think we’re crazy and love to tell us how they could never homeschool for lack of patience.

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is acting in spite of it.

Mark Twain

We look at the obstacles, yet continue on this road. It’s a road that has never been traveled before and will never be taken again. Only you and your children will traverse it. What courage to create a new trail rather than taking the well-worn, known path?

Embrace the Fearlessness of Homeschooling

The day I truly recognized the courage I had in homeschooling (and in having six children) changed me. I have new confidence that wasn’t there before. I know that fear and worry will bubble up again, I’m still a mother, but I have a calmness that was missing before.

Embracing each day of homeschooling as an act of courage and fearlessness can be empowering. You realize just how much you are capable of and that what you do every day takes a level of courage few people possess.

Use that courageousness in all areas of life and homeschooling. By homeschooling, your life is already much different than others, realize that your homeschool can be different too. We often cling to methods and schedules to calm those fears by believing that if done correctly, we can achieve perfection.  Be fearless and do what works for you and your children, not someone else’s version of the “right” way.

Set the Example

Lastly, what an example we give our children when we go against the norm. Not in a rebellious way, but in a thoughtful and competent manner.

The secret to happiness is freedom….. and the secret to freedom is courage.


By me fearlessly homeschooling, I hope my children learn to ask questions and not just accept trite answers. That they will see that the world is full of opportunities and ways to get where they want to go. Finally, that just because something has “always” been done a certain way is not sufficient reason to continue.

Live your courage and fearlessness every day, it is one of your greatest homeschooling assets.

Embracing your fearlessness is part of my homeschool mindset. You can read more about that here.

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