First Friday Free-for-All

I decided I needed a free-for-all type post where I could just do a round up of interesting things.  Hence, the institution of the First Friday Free-for-All! This is the kind of open-ended thing I love. Similar to a Trade or Market Days with a bit of this and that.

Snow in Georgia

Yes, it’s supposed to snow in Georgia! It doesn’t happen often, but the kids are so excited. Now I have to round up enough socks to cover their hands since that will be easier than finding the mittens that may or may not fit.

We will be shut in for the duration since there is no way I’m driving a 12 passenger van on the hills of my neighborhood.  I wouldn’t even be able to make it down the driveway! Thankfully, our co-op was canceled and I didn’t have to worry about getting trapped across town.


Do you know about Grammarly? I’ve always enjoyed their witty memes on Facebook, but now I have their program running in the background of my computers. What an awesome homeschooling tool!

It helps with all those grammatical errors I make and has helped me channel my comma usage for good. Not to mention, they send me a little email each week with a run down of how many words I’ve written and how many errors. Nerdy fun!

My Hibiscus Flowers Came

In Texas, I could purchase dried hibiscus blossoms at my local Kroger, however, not in Georgia. Hibiscus tea can help in lowering blood pressure and is an anti-oxidant, plus I like it.

Amazon to save the day. I ordered my hibiscus flowers and made a big cup of tea in my new infuser. This infuser makes me happy every time I make tea.  You put the tea and water in the carafe part and then when it’s done, you place it on the rim of your cup, and it pours right in. It’s simple mom fun.


I hosted my first Homeschool Happy Hour! I was nervous, but everyone was wonderful. I just figured out how to make them not delete, so that one got away from me. You can find the video I did on my theme for 2017 if you’d like to have a look. You can follow me on Periscope @bethanyishee.

My January Reading

I’m doing well on Great Expectations, and I’m finding it very engaging, much better than I was expecting.

My goal is also to read On Writing Well this month, which I need to start. Two more books were waiting for me the library, How Not to Die and Living Forward.

That’s a lot of reading; it will take a significant effort on my part to get through all of these and still do laundry.

Eric Carle and Monet

We headed this week to the art museum to see an exhibit of Eric Carle. It was very nice, and the girls enjoyed seeing the familiar artwork. However, we also saw a Monet and a famous one at that. I had no idea it was in their collection, but we were excited to see Monets, Pissarros, and a Matisse sculpture.

Overall, a good start to 2017 and I’m looking forward to hunkering down until the weather passes.

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