Free Earth Day Fun Pack For Your Homeschool

The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and you can bring that celebration into your homeschool with my free Earth Day printable pack.

Earth Day has grown from it’s US origin in 1970 into a global event observed by over one billion people worldwide. From planting trees to trash pickup at your local park, there are so many ways to observe this day and get your hands dirty.

Free Earth Day Printable

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What’s included in the Earth Day pack?

This Earth Day printable pack has the perfect amount of activities to add a bit of enchantment and fun on this day. But what’s included?

  • I Spy game
  • Earth Day Maze
  • Acrostic poem
  • Copywork
  • Word Search
  • Jigsaw puzzle

It’s so easy to just print, and dive into some Earth Day related activities.

Other Ideas for Earth Day Fun

Looking for a few more ideas to make this a memorable Earth Day? I like simple and useful, not a craft for the sake of having a craft! So here are some low waste ideas that make a positive impact:

Find an idea that will work in your home or community right now. What will make a positive impact? Probably not another craft using recyclables, so get outside and get dirty!

Plant a tree in your yard or a bush that will attract pollinators. These activities will have a lasting impact on your local environment.

Grab Your Free Earth Day Printable

Did you just realize it was Earth Day and want to add something to your day? This is for you.

Making plans for the upcoming Earth Day and want to have everything ready? This is for you.

It’s nowhere near Earth Day, but you’re always up for some homeschool fun? Again, this is for you.

Use this printable to have some quick and easy homeschool fun this Earth Day. This activity will have a lasting positive impact on your local environment.

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