Awesome Gift Guide to Wow Your Wanderlust Teen

Do you have  a child who can’t wait to travel the world? Here’s my gift guide for the wanderlust teen in your life.

My husband of 18 years and I had been married a short six months when we hastily took a trip to Italy. This was in early 2001 and the internet was just beginning to blossom. I found a great deal on tickets to Rome and we made arrangements to travel in just a few weeks. I prefer to travel this way since I’m am easily overwhelmed by planning.

We had both traveled internationally before, but it was always with work. This was just us.  There were no iPhones or wifi hotspots. International calling was difficult. I remember going to an internet cafe in Florence to check our email and let everyone know we were ok.

The day before we left, our credit card stopped working. Fortunately, we had just enough cash to race to the Sistine Chapel and then get to the airport on the last day. We had never thought we might need to contact the credit card company in advance, but sometimes traveling is adapting and overcoming obstacles.

Not surprisingly, my wanderlust has infected my 16-year-old. She dreams of travel and seeing everything there is to see. Petra, Angor Wat, and many more are on her list, and I may never see her again once she hits the road.

However, my experience traveling has taught me a few things, so with that in mind here is an awesome gift guide for your own wanderlust teen.

Gift Guide to Wow a Wanderlust Teen

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Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders

Atlas Obscura is a book she has been wanting for some time. We’ve checked it out from the library, but it’s probably time to get her own copy.

This book is for the person who is interested in all those unusual, off the beaten path wonders around the world.

Refillable Handmade Traveler’s Notebook

My girls have always loved journals and notebooks of any kind, but this one is special. The perfect size for tucking into a purse or backpack without it taking up precious space. Any wanderlust teen would love to use this beautiful traveler’s notebook to plan their big adventure.

Watercolor World Scratch Off Map

I love this beautiful map that allows you to scratch off each country you visit. It unveils a beautiful watercolor background.

Also, this would make a great homeschool gift. Scratch off each country as you study it. The kids would love that!

Travel Candles

There was a time I didn’t understand travel candles, but as I’ve gotten older, I see the allure. If you’re traveling frequently, it could be nice to bring a little hominess wherever you are. Plus, they’re so cute.

Travel Adapter/Converter

More a necessity than ever before, a converter is a must-have. This one also has four USB ports for all those electronic devices you need to have.

Global Mobile Hot Spot

I had no idea these existed, but what a great tool to have on a trip. You do have to pay to add more gigabytes, so you wouldn’t want to be using it to mindlessly surf the internet, but this could be a lifesaver. The global sim card allows you to use it anywhere.

Travel Mug

It’s nice to have your own mug. Plus, you can refill it and not be throwing away cups everywhere you go. This one also has a tea diffuser which would be wonderful to use with the little travel candle.

My teen would love this now to take coffee on the road in the morning.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will help your traveler create an organized and efficient packing system. These would also be great for separating the clean from dirty clothes until they find a laundry.

These would have been awesome to have when all the kids were little and I was packing for everyone.

Passport Holder

Of course, they need a beautiful cover for their passport and this one has many colors to choose from.

Travel-Friendly Camera

Of course, if they are a photographer and that is one of the reasons for traveling, a compact camera like this probably won’t be enough to satisfy their needs. However, for most people traveling, you won’t want to be lugging around a DSLR and lenses.

The Canon PowerShot ELPH is a great compact camera that can easily fit into a shoulder bag.

 Supporting Your Wanderlust Teen

We may not be able to travel the world with our children the way we would like, but we can support their desire to travel in smaller ways. My daughter would love any of these gifts and be excited about the adventures yet to come.

Perhaps if I’m supportive, she’ll come back to see sometime.

Do you know a wanderlust teen? Share this and see what they would add.

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Gift Guide to Wow a Wanderlust Teen

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