30 Gifts That Will Impress the Under Appreciated Homeschool Dad

What would a homeschool dad like to receive besides a little peace? Here are 30 gift ideas for the under-appreciated homeschool dad.

Homeschool dads are often the unsung heroes of the homeschooling life.

They often get up and go to work to enable their wives to homeschool. They turn a sometimes blind eye to the science experiments in the kitchen. And they know most family trips will include a museum or a battlefield.

So I wanted to use this gift guide as a shout-out to all the dads who support their wives and children in the homeschool journey every day. Thank you, homeschool dads.

Gifts for the Under Appreciated Homeschool Dad

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Gifts for Homeschool Dads Who Travel

Many of our homeschool dads have to travel for their jobs. Whether it’s merely the daily commute or military deployment, they are often away from the comfort of home.

My husband travels somewhat regularly for work, and here’s what he recommended for all the dads that have to travel.

Tool Gifts for the Homeschool Dad

My husband is always so excited when we need to do a job around the house, and he has the right tool. It’s so much better than trying to make do with something that isn’t quite right.

Also, some of these are adult essentials, like a good hammer and a circuit tester. Not to mention the life skills we are teaching our children when we fix something ourselves.

Techie Gifts for the Homeschool Dad

Honestly, my husband isn’t that techie, so for all of you with husbands into the gadgets, I’m probably not the wife to ask. However, he has a couple of techie requests.

The first is noise canceling headphones. We have six children, our house is loud, and sometimes we need a break. Honestly, this is a gift for both of you because you can use them when he’s not home. Perfect.

Now, this is an expensive techie gift, but I know my husband would appreciate having an iPad all to himself. Surfing on his phone can get tiring and difficult so that an iPad would be an improvement.

Outdoor Gifts for the Homeschool Dad

At the top of my husband’s list would outdoor gear. And not only are they for dad, but you can also use many of these things on family camping trips and with nature study in your homeschool.

Just Because We Love Homeschool Dads

We love our homeschool husbands and dads. They also sacrifice to make homeschooling possible in our families.

They would love to get something just to say “thank you.”

Let’s Show Our Homeschool Dads Some Appreciation

Homeschool dads are often overlooked and not appreciated for all they do to make homeschooling possible. Their support is vital to making homeschooling a success.

My husband doesn’t teach math or run to the library, but every day he works hard so I can do those things with our children.

Let’s all thank our husbands for the unheralded support they provide.


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