Do You Really Need a Homeschool Guru?

Why are we always looking for a guru? Someone to tell us the steps to take to avoid disaster and receive accolades.

Why do we want to believe there is someone out there who has it all figured out?

Is it to push down our anxiety by thinking there is a “right” way and if only we could master it, our troubles would vanish?

Do You Really Need a Homeschool Guru?


Let me back up. My oldest is 14 1/2, and my youngest is 2 1/2, a 12-year difference. Between them are four others, 13, 11, 9, and almost 7. Homeschooling has been in my consciousness since my oldest was six months old, yet I started this blog only two months ago.



Maybe I’m just old enough at 42 to be of the age that values experience. Anyone can tell someone how to do something, but that doesn’t mean they’re correct.

Add to that my stubbornness and “you’re not the boss of me” personality, and you can see why I’m a homeschooler.

When my oldest was seven, and I was spending most days growing a baby, I didn’t think I had it all figured out. I still don’t! But things have changed.

Homeschool Strewing


The nature of blogging, especially homeschool blogging, has transformed. Ten years ago blogging was mostly moms sharing their experiences and connecting. Since then it has shifted to big business, niches, and social media mavens.

Now bloggers market themselves as homeschool experts and their oldest is 9.

When I started to notice that all the homeschool blog moms had children younger than mine and they seemed to relish in producing lap books, I zoned out.

Where’s the Tired Mom?

My life was changing daily. I was hurtling through tween, right into teen years while pregnant with number six.

Juggling became my pastime as I shifted from Pre-Algebra to dirty diapers on a dime.

Soon I’ll be handling college admissions while still having one to teach to read.

Where is the homeschool mom blog navigating these years? There are a lot of us out there, but we don’t seem to have much of a voice.

Maybe we put it away because we realized all those declarations we made don’t hold true over time?

Perhaps our experience has taught us how unique each child, family, and circumstance is and we’re hesitant to make definitive statements about homeschooling. We know each hour, day, week, looks different.

Why Blog?

So I’m hoping to be a voice for the moms who don’t want ten reasons they MUST study Latin or 50 easy ways to organize their homeschool day.

I hope to be the mom to help you realize homeschooling your children is a bumpy, beautiful road, not an interstate with perfectly placed mile markers.

The mom that helps you to know you may never have all the answers because the questions keep changing and that’s okay.

I am the committed mom; I never said we’d try homeschooling for a year.

It’s never been a trial run.

I want to help homeschoolers, especially new ones, reach an awareness that their goal shouldn’t be to out school the school.

The wonder of homeschooling is that it isn’t school at all.

What is most important and valuable about the home as a base for children’s growth into the world is not that it is a better school than the schools, but that it isn’t a school at all.

John Holt

The excitement of a new homeschool mom is fantastic, but this middle age, middle of the journey mom feels the need to tell everyone to chill.

Your child’s education is not dependent on how many craft projects or notebooking pages they complete. Nor does it matter much whether they read at 5 or 8, when they’re 18, no one will care.

Homeschooling is an experience that affects every corner of your life because it is life. It isn’t separate and contained between 8 and 2; it is conversations and questions while changing the laundry and riding in the car.

Inspiration is everywhere, no guru required.

Homeschool strewing

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About Bethany Ishee

Bethany is the mom of six, always-homeschooled children, who one day realized she'd lost herself in the process, probably under a pile of laundry. Her eclectic style of homeschooling draws upon Classical to Unschooling and everything in between.  While homeschooling her children and writing about learning outside of school, she tries to find time to read a book, drink coffee, and pay the bills.

11 thoughts on “Do You Really Need a Homeschool Guru?

  1. CHILLS! This post is so eloquent and honest and it gave me chills. I love it.

    I think we look for a guru because we want to know it’s gonna be okay. But that ability to tell people it will be okay – comes with experience.

    Bethany, this was amazing. I love you and I love your blog and I love all your reasons for writing this blog. We don’t need gurus. We just need more experienced moms to hold our hands every once in a while and tell us “you got this”.

  2. All of this!!! I never write from the perspective of expert because yes, my oldest is 9! Yes I was homeschooled growing up but being the teacher is completely different. Mainly I think moms want to feel they are not alone and need the encouragement. Looks like this is the place for that!

  3. YES! I can relate to this. I have been blogging for 10 years and have noticed the shift from homeschool blogs just sharing their adventures (like mine) to so many transforming into homeschooling experts and coaches. I never wanted to grow my blog into a business, it still is a hobby for me, a creative outlet that I enjoy, when I have the time to blog. I am also grateful I never jumped on that whole grow your blog into a business part because the shift from homeschool blog to a lifestyle blog would have been much more difficult or impossible when I stopped homeschooling.
    Thank you for writing this!

  4. This is great! I am at about the same place as you are, with one heading to college in the fall and the caboose still in elementary school. I find I am always rethinking what I can do better, whether I am doing enough, and how to streamline the process. Sometimes I need reminders to relax and let it be. Thanks for that

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