Homeschool Planning and Books About Books

Yesterday, I hopped on Periscope to talk about planning (or my lack thereof) and picked out some new read-alouds for my six and nine-year-olds.

First up was the source of much of my research and inspiration.

Books about books!

I love books about books. They will remind of things that aren’t on my shelves and help in choosing appropriate books for the season or historical period. These are some of the ones I use most frequently.

Homeschool Strewing


We just finished a read-aloud and I needed something new that will hold their interest.  My nine year old loves Milly, Molly, Mandy, so I pulled that one out and added it to the basket. Here are a few others.

January and Winter

We’ve packed away our Christmas books and it’s time to pull out seasonal selections. Are there any other Winter books you love?

I also hit upon a couple of Usborne books (I’m a consultant), my favorite being Olga da Polga. It’s a charming book written by Michael Bond, of Paddington Bear fame, and is a wonderful family read aloud for all ages.

We also use the Encyclopedia of World History and The Story of Science.


If you didn’t catch my Periscope you can watch a replay here. If you would like to follow me my Periscope handle is @bethanyishee.

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Homeschool strewing

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