Strewing Round-Up: Get Your Solar Eclipse On

Since strewing is such a big part of my homeschool mindset, I thought it would be great to create a little collection every once in a while to give some ideas of items for possible strewing. I hope you enjoy.

Solar Eclipse Strewing

Only a few more days until the solar eclipse, are you ready? Don’t forget your eye protection! We’ve got our glasses and are ready to go.

**edited to say that I THOUGHT I had glasses, but I just received an email from Amazon saying the protection ours provided could not be verified so they recommended we not use them! Now to find glasses again.

The kids might also like to check out all these amazing photos of the earth and the moon.

We also recently watched this video that explained the differences between a solar and lunar eclipse, as well as discussing why this is such a rare occurrence.

Other Fun Things

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten water beads yet! They’ve  played with them other places, but we may need our own.

Are you traveling to see the eclipse? You may need an audiobook to fill the time. Audible is having an excellent Summer Listening Sale through the end of August.

On our recent car trip, we listened to Matilda by Roald Dahl. Everyone enjoyed it so much that when we returned, I had to make a trip to the library to check out the movie. The girls decided it was the best book to movie adaptation they had seen. High praise indeed.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pettlooks like such a beautiful book. It would have been good for me as a child, and I’m sure my kids would benefit from it. It’s going on the list!

Strewing for Mom

This Saturday, August 12, 2017, I will be a contributor to the They Call Me Blessed Online Retreat. I will be speaking on Facebook Live at 4 pm (est) about the differences that make homes better, not just a better form of school. I hope you can join the other speakers and me to get inspired before the fall rush begins.

And since I needed to hear these words this past week, I’ll pass it on to you so we can support each other on those dark days.
Enjoy the last few weeks of warm, summer weather. I’ve enjoyed it this year, but as always, I can’t wait until fall.

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