Learning is Everywhere and Everything is Learning

Homeschool moms love to say that everything is learning, but then they quietly (or not so quietly) reel when the kids want to watch Odd Squad for the 10th time that day or pick up an My Little Pony book at the library.

Or maybe that’s just me?

Learning is Everywhere and Everything is Learning

This is something I particularly have trouble with on an unusually chaotic day full of bickering and noise.

That was today.

All my beliefs in relaxed learning can be dashed with one too many arguments.  Why do I let these not so great days morph into “I’m a horrible homeschooling mom,” thoughts?

Homeschool Strewing

That’s Life

Unfortunately, I think this is common for many people, whether they’re homeschool moms or not.

We discount the good and dwell on the not-so-good.  But isn’t there learning to be had even on the not-so-good days?

Our children learn how to clean up a mess, how to ask for and receive forgiveness, and how to exist (hopefully peacefully) with people different than themselves.

Shakespeare First Folio

Then we have the good days where we feel accomplished and proud of what we have done.

This past week, I took my three oldest to see Shakespeare’s First Folio. While visiting the museum, we were also able to see ancient artifacts from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

It was amazing and not only enriched their lives and education but enriched mine.

We also attended a production of The Nutcracker where we were able to appreciate the art of ballet, music by Tchaikovsky, and discuss proper theater etiquette.

Learning Evens Out in the End

Most days are a mix of the good and not-so-good. We might play outside with friends or go to our music co-op. Maybe watch a documentary or paint a picture.  Perhaps we’ll read aloud and take a nature walk.

Hopefully, through all these days we are creating a rich and interesting life that they will long remember.

Whatever we do, there is something to be learned.

My Homeschool Mindset list is here.

Homeschool strewing

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