How to Simplify Homeschool Algebra with Mr. D Math

Brace yourselves; we’re going to talk about math.

Did your stomach just sink a little? It does for many who have been led to believe math just isn’t their “thing.”

Also, let’s not forget how often people have questioned whether you’ll send your child to school once they reach high school. Really, how are you going to teach Algebra?

However, there are now more options for learning math outside of school than ever before, and I’m always up for trying a new approach.

Recently, I was introduced to Mr. D Math. This program was entirely new to me, and so I was excited to give it a go with my 15-year-old.


This is a review post and I was given the product at no cost to me. I was compensated for my time in doing this review but was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links. If desired, you can read my entire disclosure policy.


Mr. D Self-Pace Online Math Curriculum

Visit Mr. D Math online and view their self-paced, online math courses that will help simplify your homeschooling and give your student an interactive, distance learning option to succeed.

Our Homeschool Math Roadblock

As you may know, I don’t think of math as an educational emergency and would instead prefer my children to proceed at a pace that works for them. My 15-year-old had been moving forward reasonably well with Algebra 1, and then we suddenly hit a snag.

A roadblock so large it had me messaging photos of algebra problems to homeschool mom friends attempting to gain some understanding. We found our way for a short time and then hit the same roadblock again.

It was around this time I learned of Mr. D Math and was excited to find a new option to help pull us out of this Algebra rut.

We decided to try Mr. D’s Algebra 1 self-paced online curriculum.

Homeschool Strewing

Mr. D Math Algebra 1 Self-Paced Course

The self-paced courses are available at any time and are completed according to your timeline. They do not have a time limit for completion, nor have a set weekly meeting date. This is perfect for our busy schedule which can vary from week to week.

Mr. D’s very first video for Algebra 1 is about math being a language.  He defines what a language is and discusses how math is a language just like English or Chinese. However, he outlines how math has been collapsed with English but should be seen as its own distinct language.

I thought this was an ingenious way of getting a student, like my daughter, who is interested in languages and literature to see math in a different light, not as some incomprehensible puzzle, but as a language in need of translation. 

Each chapter of the course is broken down into self-contained sections, which this somewhat disorganized mom loves. Each section includes the video lesson, coursework, coursework solutions, extra practice problems, and notes for the student.

No need to navigate to different pages and gather required materials, it’s neatly waiting for you each day.

I particularly appreciated the notes provided to the student. These are perfect for printing out in advance of watching the video, and they offer a place for your child to make notes regarding the lesson.

Mr. D encourages the student to correct their lessons and rework any incorrect problems. They record their score and you are provided a cumulative grade as you complete the course.

My daughter liked his personality and felt like after watching just a few of the Algebra 1 video lessons, she understood some things about math she hadn’t before.

Mr. D Math Online Classes

About Mr. D Math and Online Classes

Dennis DeNoia, affectionately referred to as Mr. D, has been teaching mathematics for over 25 years and has an infectious excitement for the subject.

We were able to participate in a live class and even I was trying to complete the problems. I can see where a weekly class would keep you on schedule and help ensure you complete the course. Mr. D is warm, friendly, and can even make graphing coordinates sound appealing.

But the self-paced option is perfect if you’re starting mid-year or feel you might require a more personal pace. As a self-paced student, you still can contact the Mr. D Math teaching staff about any problems you’re having and participate in extra help sessions through their online classroom. There are currently two per week scheduled that are open to any Mr. D Math course student.

Mr. D Math offers online math classes in:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus w/Trigonometry
  • SAT & ACT Bootcamp Prep Courses
  • Life Skills for Teens

I’m particularly interested in my children taking the SAT Bootcamp course. In this course, he helps students translate word problems into formulas they can solve. Again, it goes back to math being a language.

Test-taking strategies, proper use of calculators, formulas to memorize, and an explanation of how the SAT is scored is included and would help any student feel more confident in their math abilities on test day.

Why Mr. D Math is a Great Distance Learning Option

Distance learning can be a tricky thing to get right, especially with math. Students will always have questions, need additional explanations, or struggle with a concept. So why is Mr. D Math such an excellent option for distance learning?

  • Accessibility. You can contact a real person to walk you through any issues or questions.
  • Ease of use. All lesson materials are in one location, which makes class time easy.
  • Effortless navigation. The dashboard for both the parent and student are easy to use and well laid out. As a parent, you can easily see how your child is progressing through the course.
  • Scheduling options. Several times are available for each course and if none of those work for you, the self-paced option is always available.
  • Discounts. Mr. D does offer returning student and sibling discounts.
  • Reminders. Before classes and help sessions, you receive an email reminder with login links to the online classroom.

Mr. D Math is the best of both worlds. You have the option of distance learning but you can also connect with an instructor to have questions answered and concepts explained.

Mr. D Math Algebra Distance Learning

Homeschool Math Made Easy

Yes, I just used homeschool math and easy at the same time. It is possible to simplify high school math.

Math is one of those subjects that at times needs a verbal explanation, not all of our children will be able to gain understanding through a book alone.

And I’ll admit, sometimes my explanation is not the best. Mr. D is a fun, energetic teacher, full of tips and tricks to help your child better understand math.

So the next time you start getting questioned about if you have what it takes to homeschool high school, just tell them not to worry, you know a great teacher.


Mr. D Self-Pace Online Math Curriculum

Visit Mr. D Math online and view their self-paced, online math courses that will help simplify your homeschooling and give your student an interactive, distance learning option to succeed.

Homeschool strewing

If you’d like to learn more about online math courses with Mr. D, follow his YouTube channel where you can see sample videos and get a feel for his teaching style. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to get all the latest information on course offerings.

How to Simplify Homeschool Algebra with Mr. D Math

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