How to Use Online Language Learning in an Interest-Led Homeschool

I’m sure many of you are like me, two years of Spanish in high school, four semesters in college, and I have only a basic understanding of the language. Learning a foreign language is valuable in so many ways, yet true mastery is elusive if it isn’t practiced routinely. Fortunately today, we have the ability to master this skill through online language learning.

Most academic classes focus on reading and writing, yet this rarely makes us capable of conversing with a native speaker.

So as homeschoolers, who ourselves may not be fluent in another language, how can we help our children when they express an interest in learning another language?

Online Language Learning with Rosetta Stone

{This is a sponsored post, I received the product for free to review and was compensated for my time, but all opinions are my own. You can find my disclosure policy here.}

The Interest-Led Language Learner

My 16-year-old has always been fascinated with geography, cultures, and travel. At some point, her fascination turned to Russia. She read about the Romanovs and loves to practice her Russian accent like she’s a character in a movie.

But how could I support this interest in learning to speak Russian? You’re not going to find many high school Russian textbooks or native speakers willing to help.

So where did I find the perfect option for this homeschooling adventure? Rosetta Stone Homeschool.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool offers 24 languages and gives your child the immersive experience lacking in textbook foreign language instruction.

Homeschool Strewing

Benefits of Online Language Learning

Of course, there are obvious benefits as a homeschooler to using Rosetta Stone Homeschool, such as not paying for an expensive tutor nor needing to find time in your already busy schedule for a class.

However, Rosetta Stone offers so much more.

  • Students learn in an immersive, natural way
  • The use of speech technology helps in developing correct pronunciation (this is the headset we use)
  • The program reports how well they are doing and how long they have practiced
  • You can access your lessons from any device at any time
  • There are downloadable MP3 files that allow immersive learning when an internet connection isn’t available or just for extra practice

Online Language Learning

Online Language Learning in Our Home

Currently, my oldest is studying Russian, my 12-year-old wanted to try French, and I’m using Rosetta Stone to brush up on my Spanish.

Honestly, the first few lessons in Spanish have been easy for me since I had prior knowledge, but I’ve been impressed with how quickly my girls have been able to infer and deduct the grammar and usage differences from the program.

It never explicitly instructs you as to which words are feminine or masculine, singular or plural, but reasoning and repetition allow you to learn the language in a natural way.

It’s much like being dropped in another country and learning by immersion. Your kids will develop critical thinking skills in a way vocabulary matching tests could never accomplish.

Interest-Led Language Learning

It’s hard to force a child to learn math, but I would argue it’s near impossible to demand a child learn a foreign language.

However, what if your child expresses an interest in learning Turkish, Farsi, or Mandarin Chinese? Would you even know where to look?

When my daughter was 6, I never considered someday she would want to learn Russian. Spanish or French, sure that’s what everyone learns, but Russian? Never.

She’s mentioned possibly being a translator; perhaps Rosetta Stone is the first step on that journey.

Rosetta Stone is giving away a one-year subscription to Rosetta Stone Homeschool. The winner can choose any of their 24 available languages

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