20 Perfect Gifts That Will Make Your Panda Lover Giddy

So you have a panda lover in your life? Don’t we all? Here are 20+ panda lover gifts that will make them giddy.

It started when she was two years old and wanted me to read Maisy books over and over. She would point to Maisy’s panda on every page.

Then my mom gave her a panda plush that looked just like Maisy’s panda, and the mania began.

We will forever call that toy “Little Panda,” and it was followed by toys, games, and clothing. She even has panda Christmas ornaments.

So if you need some panda lover gifts beyond the stuffed animal, here they are.

20 Perfect Gifts to make your Panda Lover Giddy

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Panda Lover Gifts for the Kitchen

Your panda lover would enjoy drinking their warm beverage out of any of the ridiculously cute mugs. I put them all here because I couldn’t decide which was the cutest.

The ceramic travel mug is perfect for taking your panda love wherever you go.

Panda Lover Gifts to Wear

We’ve rarely walked away from any panda-themed article of clothing we’ve found. And for good reason; they’re so fun.

Just for Fun Panda Lover Gifts

At times, you just want a gift that is just fun.

I love all of these pandas, from the squishy to the Matryoshka dolls. Any of these would bring a smile to a panda lovers face.


Bonus: Our Favorite Panda Books

We’ve read most every panda book available in our library over the years and here are our three favorites.

Mrs. Harkness and the Panda

This tells the incredible story of the search for the elusive panda and how they eventually made their way to North America for all to marvel

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See?

A classic Eric Carle selection that all children should be read.

Dinner at the Panda Palace

A favorite of my panda loving daughter for years, this is a fun, rhyming book full of animals and counting.

Panda Lovers Unite

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for the panda lover in your life. Maybe you’re the panda lover? Whoever you’re shopping for, there are plenty of unique and creative items any panda fan would love.


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