Aesop Fables and Copywork


Make copywork simple with this 150+ page ready to use pdf ebook. Includes 70+ Aesop Fables, as well as space for copywork and illustrating. Perfect for an elementary child.



Simplify homeschool language arts with Aesop Fables and Copywork!

In elementary school, our librarian would read to us once a week and Aesop Fables were often included My favorite tale was always “The Fox and The Grapes” by Aesop. Such a perfect illustration of envy and an explanation of why someone just has “sour grapes.”

Aesop fables are perfect to read to a young child. They are short simple stories with powerful messages about life and human nature.

This volume includes over 72 Aesop fables, elementary sized dotted lines for copywork, and a space tor the child to create their own illustrations. This is suited for elementary students learning manuscript or cursive handwriting.

Copywork is a smart use of time in your homeschool because it combines penmanship, spelling, punctuation, and grammar into one brief lesson.

This workbook is an all-in-one volume that keeps everything in one place and reduces the number of books needed, simplifying you homeschool organization and planning.

  • Read the fable
  • Have your child orally narrate
  • Copy the moral
  • Illustrate their work

Use as a language arts journal that will carry your elementary child throughout an entire school year.

This is designed to be printed double-sided so that the story will be on the left-hand side and the space for copywork on the right-hand side. However, if you have a left-handed child, as I do, you can simply bind in the opposite direction to make handwriting easier.

Eliminate the daily struggle to decide on copywork and incorporate this volume to provide an all in one language arts instruction.

A bound copy of this workbook is available on Amazon.

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