Self-Care Gift Guide That Will Make a Homeschool Mom Swoon

Do you have a homeschool mom on your gift list? Here are some self-care gifts that will make the homeschool mom in your life swoon.

Homeschool moms are a giving bunch. We give and give until February comes around and we hit rock bottom. Burn out is real and can be a difficult hole to escape.

Wouldn’t it be better to encourage self-care for the homeschool mom

This guide reflects my personality and what I would enjoy for those simple moments of self-care. My choices reflect my introverted personality and my need for downtime to recharge.

An extrovert will still find these things lovely but might want to throw a self-care party with other moms to reap the full benefit.

As for me, you’ll find me sitting quietly in a corner of the couch preparing for another day of appointments and slime making.

Self Care Gift Guide that will make a Homeschool Mom Swoon

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Pampering Self Care Gift for the Homeschool Mom

When we think of self-care gifts, we immediately think of something pampering. Of course, there are other methods of self-care, but I think the idea of having a little something special to enjoy at any time is restorative.

Mindfulness Journal

Moment of truth, I’m a journaling failure. The blank page and my rebel tendency lead to me starting a journal but never sticking with the habit.

I like this one because it isn’t simply blank pages, there are quotes for inspiration and questions to spark your writing. I think we can all find five minutes to be more mindful and present.

Essential Oils and Diffuser

Well, this is an item I would like to receive because my girls have absconded with the diffusers I already own. They love to keep them in their rooms.

This just adds to a peaceful, calm atmosphere that most homeschool moms want to encourage.

Handmade Aromatherapy Bracelet

Hopefully, you can keep the bracelet all to yourself. Not only is it beautiful, but you can have that calming essential oil with you all day.

Bottom Dispensing Tea Pot

I love these types of tea pots. You brew your loose tea right in the carafe and then place it on the rim of a teacup or mug and your beautiful tea falls in the cup.

It’s so satisfying.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler

Once you have a bottom dispensing teapot, you’ll want some tasty tea to brew. Any tea loving homeschool mom would love a collection of loose leaf tea. 

Living Grace Shower/Bath Gel by Philosophy

My go-to self-care is to relax in the bath. I’ve long been a bath lover and love to have a beautiful scent to add. But even if you don’t love a bath, this can be used as a shower gel. The best of both worlds.

L’Occitane Verbena Hand Cream Gel

I love anything by L’Occitane, but especially love a hand cream when the weather turns colder.

Mind and Body Jar Candle

Something about having candles lit make me take a deep breath and calm down.

Candles can transform a chaotic homeschool day into a quiet time of reading or drawing. It’s just one of those little touches that creates the warm atmosphere we want our homes to have.

Practical Self-Care Gifts for the Homeschooling Mom

Sometimes self-care can be about finding a solution to a trouble spot so we no longer have to expend mental energy dealing with an annoying issue.

So here are some practical self-care gifts to make the homeschool mom life a little less stressful.

Instant Pot Multi-Cooker

You’re probably wondering how an Instant Pot could possibly be a self-care gift for a homeschool mom, but it is. The beauty of this gift is that it magically gives you time.

When you have a busy day out and know you’ll be getting home late and tired, use it as a slow cooker and put dinner in before you leave. However, even if the morning is tight and you don’t get it cooking, you can always use the pressure cooker feature to save yourself from getting takeout pizza.

But the best reason is for the days when you have the time to get it cooking and then go sit down and have a cup of tea or read a book. It’s wonderful.

Bluetooth Earbuds

You’ve been on hold for 15 minutes waiting to make an appointment, now someone is knocking on the door and the baby is crying. What to do?

How many times have I given up my place in the queue to deal with some issue requiring my attention? Too many!

So if you need to make a call to the insurance company you know will take too long, Bluetooth earbuds would be a lifesaver. Just keep changing the laundry and helping with a math problem, you have it right there in your ear when they finally answer your call.

Portable Power Charger for Your Phone

You’ve been on a field trip all day and your phone battery is rapidly declining. There are still pictures to take and information to look up, so do you just stop to conserve power? With a portable charger, you can keep on going.

Laser Printer

Yes, this is an expensive gift, but it is a great homeschool tool that will save you time and money. A laser printer prints so much faster than an inkjet and I’m not as afraid to print in color now.

Another benefit is that if you splash a little water on a page, it isn’t ruined. I longed for a laser printer after years of an inkjet and I haven’t been disappointed.

Crossbody Bag

You’re bending over to tie a shoe and suddenly your purse is hitting you in the head while the entire contents spill onto the floor. I’ve been there.

Once you’re out of the, “I gotta carry a backpack for all this baby gear,” phase, a crossbody bad can be a wonderful way to carry the necessities while having both hands free.

Hands-Free Keychain Bracelet

Anything that will give me free hands to grab a toddler that has darted for the parking lot! An ingenious idea to keep your keys handy and not lost in the bottom of your bag.

Amazon Echo

An Echo will allow you to play all those Audible books you’ve been buying while everyone enjoys breakfast. You can also ask Alexa to add items to your Amazon shopping list.

My girls have Echo Dots that they use for alarms, music, and timers. So many ways to use this as a help in your homeschool.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

I also enjoy having a Bluetooth portable speaker. We use it when we want to all listen to  Around the World Stories while I’m cooking or changing the laundry.

Our’s stays mostly in our kitchen and I can also use it to listen to my own audiobook or podcast. You can also take it outside on a beautiful day and take you music study with you.

Take a Moment for Self-Care

It’s easy for homeschool moms to get caught up in all the things we need to do. Make the appointments, drive to activities, and pay the library fines, the list is never-ending.

It doesn’t mean that we should never take a moment to light the candle, enjoy a cup of tea, or play an audiobook so we can rest for a bit.

The homeschool journey can be tiring, it’s important for moms to take time to rejuvenate.

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  1. an echo can play audible book? I did not know that. Very good. My hubby stole my diffuser and my son has his eye on the small one we have so… hmmm… another gift idea. 🙂

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