The Uninvited Guest Blogger-My Husband

So my husband is bothered that he hasn’t gotten more press around here, so he took it upon himself to create his own. Don’t be offended; he’s a sarcastic guy. Give him at least to the third paragraph. I wouldn’t post this, but it made me laugh out loud.  That’s why we’ve been married 17 years; he makes me laugh.

Now to Mike:

As a husband and father, I have numerous times of late asked Bethany when I was going to get some press around here.  I mean, I am the glue which holds this tower of popsicle sticks that is our life together.

Truth be told, this whole six kid thing was completely my idea.  I read Cheaper by the Dozen- and liked it.  I figured hey, Bethany was not doing much with her life so why doesn’t she homeschool our 6 kids…it is not like she had a real job and was doing much that was really important… how much trouble could it be to handle our family finances, feed, clothe, care for and then educate our children. I mean really- I have the “job,” and it was difficult to attain, has value to society, and adds to the common good … she was lucky to have me.

She warned you I was sarcastic…


Reality check time- none of that happened, short of me reading CBD.  I am the guy that got stupidly blessed. I had no idea we would take this journey together. I fell into it. Isn’t it amazing what life has you fall into? I knew when we were dating that Bethany was beautiful and came to know that she was intelligent, strong-willed, decisive and free spirited… did I mention strong willed? When we decided to marry, she had a great career, but she told me it was not completely fulfilling. And she chose me.  I am truly a blessed guy- the only thing that makes me question her sanity is that she has stayed with me.  I am a sarcastic, semi-witty, graying guy with glasses that is really lousy at taking out the trash.  I self-coined my moniker as the GED.  Good Enough Dad. In my mind, perfection is an endeavor for others.  I’d rather be pretty good at a ton of stuff which means that I am really good at nothing- except maybe supporting her.

If your family is like mine, you are the brains.  You likely came up with the plan to homeschool the kids.  Your husband, as I did, likely first looked at you with the thousand yard stare when you said you wanted to homeschool the kids and replied something to the effect, “why on Earth would you want to do that???  Are you crazy? ”

My mother was a public school teacher. I graduated from state colleges with the 49th and 50th worst educational records in the Union.  Did I mention, I knocked it out of the park that Bethany took a liking to me?  So I went along for the ride. She read Charlotte Mason, I watched Charlotte’s Web. She focused her reading on authors and philosophers while I read sports message boards and pondered the big questions of life like why my college football team was always lousy. They were lousy when I was a kid, and I still went there. Why didn’t I go to LSU when I had the chance…it is the definition of insanity, but I digress.

If you are a homeschool mom, you likely have certain characteristics. You are brave. Fear is natural but bravery is coping with your fear and carrying on in spite of it. You are a non-conformist in a certain respect. Just because one person jumped off the bridge, likely didn’t influence you to replicate their stupidity.  In my mind, homeschool moms are often the de facto head of the household. Dads are okay to have around- maybe when our kids need someone to make make a jalapeno/ cream cheese stuffed smoked chicken thigh wrapped in bacon because mom suddenly decided one day to be Vegan.  Occasionally, dads can add that sprinkle of alternative ancient history trivia, but it is rarely requested, needed or of general interest. Is it just me or is Giorgio Tsoukalos’ hair mesmerizing…

So in closing, celebrate yourselves as amazing people, because you are. You are homeschooling parents.  And if you are the mom, you are super cool.  Thanks for taking care of us husbands.  For a multitude of reasons, you started this journey. Stay on it- it is a neat ride.

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Bethany is the mom of six, always-homeschooled children, who one day realized she'd lost herself in the process, probably under a pile of laundry. Her eclectic style of homeschooling draws upon Classical to Unschooling and everything in between.  While homeschooling her children and writing about learning outside of school, she tries to find time to read a book, drink coffee, and pay the bills.

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